Build your next site on Django

We specialize in building web apps using the Django Framework.

Pre-canned Django applications which you can deploy yourself, or professional web development services if you need help bringing your vision to life.

Packed with features

Clean Design

We follow a clean and modular design for all our products, built on the Bootstrap Framework with a focus on Material Design.

Modular components

All apps are built with modular code components which you can easily modify and piece together to create a custom solution.

SEO friendly

All apps come with an integrated sitemap XML, robots.txt, meta data handling, and more. All to keep you at the top of search results.

Blog engine

We include a completely customizable blog engine with CMS integration. You can extend the same engine for almost any type of content management.


We keep our code lean and optimized. No unnecessary third-party plugins or other features which complicate your setup. Everything has a purpose.


Our products are great for coders who want to get started with Django and Python. Everything we build is completely extensible and adaptable.

Frequently asked questions

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DjangoMango develops and sells web apps and themes built on Django. Our products can be used as 'out-of-the-box' solutions, or as a foundation to build a fully customized web application. If you're looking for an easy and user-friendly solution to get a Django website up-and-running, you've come to the right place!

Django is an open-source Python web framework which aims to make web development simpler, faster, and more secure. And it has proved to be very popular - Django has been used by companies such as Disqus, YouTube, and Pintrest to build their web applications and websites!

We offer themes and web applications built on the Django framework. Think of our products as essentially out-of-the-box web applications. You get not only the front-end design and components, but also a completely integrated back-end which has been built on Django following best practices. And best yet, the majority of our products are packaged with Docker configurations, so that you can easily develop and deploy your application without needing to worry about installing Django or any of the other dependencies we use to build our applications.

Absolutely! Our mission at DjangoMango is to make Django more accessible. We design all of our products so the content and media can be updated even if you don't know how to code. However, we will admit that having at least a basic understanding of Python would help you to make the most of Django and your DjangoMango product. And just in case you do want to get into the code to make a customization, you can be sure that we have kept our code base clean and modular, so you can easily find what you need and make changes.

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